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The Open Social Value Bank (OSVB) is a catalog of social values. The values can be used to calculate the economic value of well-being, expressed as changes in a person's life satisfaction resulting from a social change. A social change is, for example, going from being very lonely to not being lonely.

OSVB offers a consistent measure to compare and put quantitative value on social parameters that are typically subjective in nature. By placing value on what we value, we can strengthen the potential to prioritize based on social parameters. OSVB helps to establish standards for both the development and use of social values.
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OSVB wants to create visibility and understanding of the methodology behind calculating the economic value of wellbeing. The methodology behind OSVB is based on international research and experience from countries such as the UK and New Zealand. Measuring wellbeing is based on subjective assessment of life satisfaction. The value of wellbeing is quantified by the unit "WELLBY", which indicates the value of one point of life satisfaction for one person for one year. WELLBY can be used both monetized and non-monetized. Social values are generated via choice action experiments and regression analysis of observational or intervention data. Read more in our methodology section.

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OSVB is an open platform that collaborates widely on the development, use, knowledge and accessibility of social values. If you are interested in collaborating or have any questions, please contact the working group at or via the contact form at the bottom of the page.
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