The value bank

Open Social Value Bank is a value bank containing social wellbeing values and a calculation model that help promote socially and economically sustainable investments in society. OSVB supports the calculation and determination of monetary values of social change, including for conducting social cost-benefit analyses, where both budgetary and social values are included in the analysis.

How does it work?

The value bank is a tool that provides an overview of social values. These social values cover different life circumstances, including loneliness, unemployment, stress, etc. The tool allows the user to apply relevant social values in their analysis and assessments.
Disclaimer: OSVB is an open bank with social values. By actively using OSVB values, you agree to be bound by certain conditions for the legal use of OSVB social values. You agree and declare that you will comply with the following terms and conditions when using these values, including citing OSVB as the source. Please note that the OSVB values are subject to a free license. This means that the assets may be used freely, but may not be resold, sublicensed or otherwise made available for sale without the written consent of OSVB.

Calculator (coming soon)

OSVB is working on launching a calculator that allows the user to estimate the value of social change. The calculator enables estimation of the monetary value of the social change resulting from a given social intervention. The calculator enables estimation both before and after an intervention is implemented. The tool generates a report that includes references to the methodology used, the calculation itself, the data source and an assessment of the quality of the data source.