The value bank

In the Open Social Value Bank you will find values for the impact of social change on well-being. The value bank contains both monetized and non-monetized well-being values that can be used in e.g. social cost-benefit analyses, where both budgetary and social values are included. The values help promote socially and economically sustainable investments in society. OSVB continuously develops new values based on Danish data.

How does it work?

The value bank presents an overview of the value of a number of social parameters that affect wellbeing. The social values cover different life circumstances, including loneliness, unemployment, stress and addiction. The overview allows the user to apply relevant social values in their analysis and assessments.
Disclaimer: OSVB is an open bank with social values. By actively using OSVB values, you agree to be bound by certain conditions for the legal use of OSVB social values. You agree and declare that you will comply with the following terms and conditions when using these values, including citing OSVB as the source. Please note that the OSVB values are subject to a free license. This means that the assets may be used freely, but may not be resold, sublicensed or otherwise made available for sale without the written consent of OSVB.