About Open Social Value Bank

The Open Social Value Bank consists of decision-makers and experts from foundations, the private, public and academic sectors. The project is carried out in collaboration with Economists Without Borders, University of Copenhagen, Rambøll Management Consulting, and Impactly.

The project is supported by Trygfonden and Rambøll Fonden.
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Meet the board

Open Social Value Bank has a board of directors consisting of top executives and leading social value experts.
Ludvig Wier
Chairman; Founder of Economists Without Borders and Head of the Government Policy Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Vibeke Koushede
Vice Chairwoman; Head of Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen
Camilla Damgaard
Fund Manager, The Social Investment Fund
Nabanita Datta Gupta
Professor of Economics (AU)
David Dietz
Partner, The Social Capital Fund
Helle Øbo
Director of Askovfonden
Adna Husagic
Vice Chairwoman of Economists Without Borders
Steffen Bohni
Director, National Research Center for the Working Environment
Ellen Klarskov Lauritzen
Director of the Danish Authority of Social Services and Housing
Henrik Hansen
Head of Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen
Advisory Board

Advisory board

Lars Haagen
Head of Department in the Ministry of Finance
Michael Svarer
Professor of Economics at Aarhus University
Aviaja Sigsgaard
Head of Social Development at Landsbyggefonden
Kenneth Lykke Sørensen
Head of SØM and Analysis at the National Board of Social Services
Ulrik Beck
Chief economist at Kraka
Mads Grønnegaard-Kieler
Budget manager at Rigshospitalet
Kristian Hulmose Nørgaard
Director of Løkkefonden
Jens Bruun
CEO of the Lind Foundation
Katrine Geisler
Deputy Head of Lauritzen Fonden and board member of Lind Foundation
Hans Uldall-Poulsen
CEO of SundInvest
Rasmus Thomsen
Sustainability and Strategy Lead at the Lundbeck Foundation
Simon Calmar Andersen
Professor of Political Science at Aarhus University
Lisbeth Pedersen
Head of Research and Analysis at VIVE
Clara Dawe
Program Manager at the Academy for Social Innovation
Neil Gallagher
Managing economist at Copenhagen Economics
Helle Stenbro
Senior Consultant and Coordinator at the Job Satisfaction Knowledge Center
Emil Bender Lassen
Co-founder of Home.Earth
Lene Jakobsen
Deputy Director and CFO at AskovFonden
Mads Falkenfleth
Director, Wellbeing Economy Lab
Martin Pedersen
Chief Consultant in the Ministry of Economic Affairs
Hans Henrik Woltmann
Senior Management Consultant, Implement Economics
Simon Kjær Hansen
Director, Crown Princess Mary Center
Kristoffer Pade Glavind
Senior Analyst at the Economic Council of the Labour Movement
Christian Juncher Lunde
Head of Analysis in the Ministry of Defense
Hanna Line Jakobsen
Director of Social Initiatives at the Novo Nordisk Foundation
Helene Bækmark
Managing Director of the Health Administration in Odense Municipality
Signe Hald Andersen
Chief of interventions at Rockwoolfonden
Christian Gaden Jensen
CEO of the Mental Health Foundation

Meet the steering committee

The project is carried out by Economists Without Borders in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, Rambøll Management Consulting and Impactly.

Economists Without Borders

Economists Without Borders is a non-profit that focuses on the calculation of the "social bottom line" and social benefit maximization. EWBWF offers valuation of social work and has strong ties to universities.
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Ramboll Management Consulting

Ramboll is a global architecture, engineering and consulting company that delivers expertise and sustainable solutions to clients and partners.
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University of Copenhagen

Driven by intellectual creativity and critical thinking, University of Copenhagen researchers and students have been expanding horizons and helping to move the world forward since 1479.
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Impactly ApS

Impactly is a software company that helps organisations demonstrate their social impact through data collection, analysis and estimation of social value, and digital reporting.
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Rasmus Rifsdal
Representative of the steering committee and chairman of Economists Without Borders
Line Dybdal
Country Market Director at Ramboll Management Consulting
Ziggi Santini
Well-being researcher at the University of Copenhagen
Johan Dubert
Founder and CEO of Impactly
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We are supported by


TrygFonden is responsible for TryghedsGruppen's non-profit work. TryghedsGruppen is a democratic association that is the largest shareholder in the insurance company Tryg.
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Ramboll Foundation

The Ramboll Foundation is an independent Danish corporate foundation with philanthropic commitments
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